Are cans banned on trips?
Nope! All of our trips stay outside the can ban zone in New Braunfels.

What should I bring for my trip?
Bring sturdy sandals or tennis shoes, sunscreen, drinks and ice, a (non-styrofoam) cooler, snacks, towels, and an extra pair of clothes. If you forget anything we have a well stocked store to help you out. 

Are dogs allowed? 
Sorry, dogs are not allowed on tubing/rafting trips.

Can I bring my young child on the raft or tube trips? 
Due to safety reasons only children ages 8 and up are allowed on the trips.

Do you take checks? 
We do not take checks but we do take major credit cards and cash.

Is alcohol allowed?
Alcohol is allowed! But remember, glass and polystyrene (styrofoam) are not allowed on the river and public intoxication laws still apply.

Do you have group discounts?
Groups of 20 people or more get a 20% discount excluding holiday weekends. Please call ahead so we will be expecting you. 

Do you allow private equiptment?
Yes we do, but we are not resposible for private equiptment during the shuttle and parking and shuttle fees apply

What is the W.O.R.D user fee?
The Water Oriented Recreation District user fee is a $1.00 tax per person to help provide dumpsters, trash cans, river cleanup and more. 

What is the river flow like right now? 
The river flow changes all the time so please call ahead to find out.